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Previous jobs:

R&D Director – cinema level videos with drones, for yachts and luxury real estate

OSVehicle (Italy, Hong Kong)
Head of Innovation. Previously: Press, digital & media manager at OSVehicle, the company creating TABBY, an open source hardware development platform for vehicles.

Savesquared (London)
Founder at Savesquared, the first portable power network for smartphones and iPads.

Developed the only working app that allowed users to see which of their friends visited their Facebook profile. @Zuck, wondering how it worked?

Uribu (2011)
Co-founded a civic-engagement platform in Italy named Uribu.¬†National award “The citizen’s city” from the President of the Republic, awarded by Italy’s former Prime Minister, Romano Prodi. TechCrunch Italy’s winner chosen by the attendees.

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